A Chocolate Lover's Blog

A Chocolate Lover's Blog
Now that Halloween has passed and all the trick or treating candies awaits to be eaten, i try to hide a number of them before reaching the tiny mouth of my daughter. I am just thinking about a time when having so many candies was just a luxury. Growing up in India, with Halloween virtually unheard of in the late eighties and early nineties. My relationship with chocolates and candies were much

different than the current times. The first thing that used to come to my mind by the word chocolate was the classic Dairy Milk chocolate bar. It was the most prized chocolate for me at that time. A small bar would cost about Rupees 10 and i remember saving every Rupee i can to just buy this bar. Even buying that would usually mean sharing with my older sister, which i was not particularly happy but had to do it anyway. But we loved it, every bite of it was so cherished. There was a small disappointment and craving each time we complete a bar. Those were the absolute…

The lost art of handwriting

It's hard not to notice how slowly we have transformed from writing using pen to typing using our keyboards and touchscreens. More and more texts are electronically typed. Rarely do we leave handwritten notes. The other day when i was jotting down quickly on a sticky note did i notice my handwriting in a long time. As a child, having a neat cursive handwriting used to be a norm. We tried hard and took days to perfect cursive writing. I remember when my grandmother used to take out old letters written to her by my grandfather in perfect cursive writing. The writing which i must say, perfectly legible handwriting, which i don't know if the millennials could ever write it. It looked like an art in itself. I was awed. I never mastered cursive writing, but i did write in a clean legible way.
On my last trip to India, I found a Cursive writing practice book for kids. I was at once taken back to my memories of tying to learn it and thought it will be wonderful for my child to get an…

The Unwelcome Guest

Indian's take pride in serving their guests. "Athiti devo bhva" meaning guest's are equivalent to god , signifying utmost respect and care for the guests who are at your doorstep. The word "Athiti" itself meaning a guest or a person who has come as a surprise or someone visiting you without prior intimation. But hey! think again, i think these kinds of "Athiti" who show up at your doorstep without prior intimation or invitation are almost extinct. I personally don't like to barge into someone's home without them least expecting me. With cellphones around, at least a call or text prior the visit is the norm.
But things was different when i was growing up in Chennai. When guests were guests and didn't have make appointments to come see you. A time when there was less judging and more loving. We had friend's or family visiting us and depending on the time of the day, my mother or grandmother usually quickly patch something up for them …

Parenting Experts

I always wonder what’s with a pregnant woman or a mother with a new born baby makes an expert out of people. Suddenly all these people even strangers at times; become your professional doctor and give you advice on parenting and motherhood. Free advice although widely available it becomes more common especially if you are pregnant or having a small baby. Becoming a mother no doubt was one the most joyous and overwhelming moment in my life. Suddenly you have this young tiny little being who so helpless who relies on you for survival.  Add to that the endless diapers changes, feeding, rocking, crying all this on a rapidly changing post-pregnancy hormone levels and very little sleep. As such adjusting to the new baby is difficult do we receive the free advice, which most of the times is of little help. I wonder instead of free advice people could give a free meal which could have helped more. But yes over these years I have heard all kinds of bizarre to some useful advices. I thought I …

Snow Struck

If seeing snow reminded you of the song "Yeh Haseen Wadiya" it wasnt all that pleasant for people in Atlanta who were surprised by a snow storm named leon which brought about 2 - 3 inches of snow. on what started to be a normal cold tuesday morning turned for the worse and changed the roads with serpentine array of cars gridlocked not able to move inches for hours. For some the day the didnt end and the ordeal continued to night and even next day morning. In a place where there is little or no snow for years, snow can crippling for the cars which is the lifeline of commute through the city. With no winter tires and no need of any kind of snow chains cars riding on roads on unexpected snow had caused numerous accident upto 1200 reported.
For the three years i have lived in Atlanta, luckily i have seen snow all three years. But never did i have to commute through the snowy or icy roads unlike this year. As such Atlanta's traffic is known to be bad especially during rush h…

Why we do what we do?

Couple of days ago when i read through the status of some of my friends in Facebook, i came to know a fellow college mate had committed suicide. I was shocked and at the same time pondering what could have led him take such a decision. After all he was a young man with his whole life ahead. What makes people do things that aren't right. Or was it right for them? Were all their paths doomed and they were in a deadlock suffocating and deciding to end the pain. Do we have the right to end our lives? Are we winning over our problems by ending ourselves so that we have to suffer no more? I was thinking why do some people decide to take others life? Haven't we all read news of a people committing murder on their own loved ones. what happens to these people? They sure were normal individuals had normal lives. Then is it the hardships or some problems they encountered changed them and their response to it? Do all the people who commit suicide are in some form of depression? Why is it…

Happy Halloween!

Its that time of the year again when orange pumpkins light up the evening hours. Where everything in the nature bears a orange-ish  golden hue. Its that time of the year when nights get longer and weather gets cooler. There is a kind of aura that surrounds the entire surroundings that makes this holiday a real special one. Though offices and schools work normally unlike a other holiday’s, this festival has its own kind of special charm, but much less is known or discussed on the historical significance of this day. Atleast for someone not born and raised in this country, all I knew was this day the evil spirits come down to earth and people dress and decorate themselves and their homes to appease the dead souls. Part of which is correct. But as I delve deeper into the subject, I get to learn more about what Halloween actually is and why its celebrated and how it came to the United States and alas what we get to see now the modern, televised retail hyped version of the festival. Hallo…